Protect your investments and your people

You have built a facility with significant investment. Safeguarding its contents and individuals is essential. National Design Group provides IP based security, video management, software, and fully integrated video to monitor your most precious assets. With so many solutions available, we can guide your plans and help provide the right options to ensure peace of mind. Our configurations can be custom or packaged solutions that address varying levels of security needs and budgets. We will help you place the right number of cameras, monitors, and switches to manage not only asset protection, but loss prevention.

We will simplify your planning process with an assessment of your hardware and storage needs. We will help you understand the bandwidth requirements critical to achieving costs savings and data management for the many types of cameras, motion, and lighting factors that affect the bitrates for optimized video quality. When we design and support your system, we will work with you to prioritize these detailed elements.

Our security and surveillance options are scalable to your facility and plans. We implement reliable systems and will also help you plan for emerging technologies like 4K Ultra HD, and the security mandates and policy needs as your safety requirements evolve. Support and training is critical to the successful performance of any system. Our skilled designers and technical teams deliver tools and resources to keep you protected 24/7.