Be face-to-face and coast-to-coast at the same time

Video conference technology has revolutionized communications. The ability to converse with people all over the world in an instant saves time and money. Workgroups increase productivity and solve problems faster. To interpret and respond to direct dialog, while experiencing visual cues and body language, removes communication barriers. An environment of video conference exchange must be developed by an integrator who has expert knowledge of the lighting,  sound, camera placement, furniture, network design, system control, and other aspects of integration that go beyond the high definition video conference codec.

Video conferencing is a premier product and is implemented in a large number of the installations we deliver throughout the year. We can design, engineer and install a complete system for your needs and budget as permanent or modular in a conference room, classroom or office. We also offer the support you need for ongoing success with your new system. This support includes collaboration, bridging and training.