National Design Group

Design-Build Cabling Services ​

Before building your facility, have a well-planned cabling system that will support all your electronic and network devices. This will be installed during the managed, defined process known as design-build, which includes the essential stages of pre-construction, construction, and project closeout. NDG is often hired as a design-build contractor for cabling, security, and AV integration projects.

By overlapping the project’s design and construction phases, we can cut delivery times while minimizing risks. We are committed to providing efficient and thorough design-build cabling services throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region. Contact us for more information.

Structured Cabling Plan

Working Effectively with You

We give you full control as the project owner or client. As such, we welcome your questions and involvement during this collaborative process. Keeping in mind your needs, we will proficiently lead the team throughout the process. As your design-build contractor, we will serve as an overseer of your project budget and goals. Once we deliver the project, you can resume your business operations and train your team as usual.