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Be face-to-face and coast-to-coast at the same time using our video conferencing systems in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. This technology has revolutionized communications and enabled people to instantly communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, saving time and money. With it, workgroups boost production, and problems are solved more quickly. Communication obstacles are removed when people engage in direct dialog while observing body language and visual cues.

We implement video conferencing technology throughout the year, making it our premier product. Whether in a conference room, classroom, or workplace, we can design, engineer, and install a complete permanent or modular audiovisual system that meets your demands and budget. We also provide the assistance you need for continued success, including teamwork, bridging, and training.

Conference Call Inside The Conference Room

Skilled Integrators

An integrator with an in-depth understanding of lighting, sound, camera placement, furniture, network architecture, system control, and other integration-related factors beyond high-definition video conferencing codecs is required to create a video conference exchange setting. Count on NDG’s integrators to develop that environment. Contact us for more information.